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Thinking About Baptism

Thinking about Baptism
by David Clark Brand
DCB Communications, 1998
2005 Revised Edition



1. Preliminary Considerations
2. Classic Definition of Bapto and Baptidzo 
3. The Hebrew & the Septuagint
4. Baptidzo in the Apocrypha
5. “In Order to Fulfill All Righteousness”
6. The Blood and the Spirit
7. Mikvah 101
8. Mikvah 102
9. Locating “Bethany Beyond the Jordan”
10. Depictions on Catacomb Walls
11. The Pharisees’ Inquiry
12. The Ethiopian’s Request
13. Baptidzo and the KJV Translators
14. Buried With Him in Baptism
15. One Holy Baptism
16. The Parameters of Pentecost
17. Spirit-Baptism: Command & Charisma

Reference List

Profile of the Last Puritan:

Jonathan Edwards, Self-Love, 

and the Dawn of the Beatific 

by David C. Brand

Scholars Press, 1991

Conversion Interface:

Correlating the Autobiographical, Allegorical, and Homiletic in John Bunyan

by David Clark Brand

DCB Communications, 1998

Conversion Interface

Covenant of Works

The Covenant of Works and the Second Adam

by David Clark Brand

DCB Communications, 1998



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