Buckeye Bonus

by David Clark Brand

From Old Dominion to the Buckeye State

they moved with hardly a blink.

Their truck was loaded with everything

from the bath to the kitchen sink.

But the greatest surprise

awaited their eyes

when they walked the land they bought

which led them to think

that in the drink

was a status they had not sought.

A three-car family they became

the moment they took a peek–

one in the driveway,

one in the garage,

the other in the creek.

That old car was too valuable

in the creek to let it stay;

So they called a man with a towing truck

to pay them to take it away.

The car they insisted was from Beloit,

but the truck driver knew they were wrong.

Their prized vehicle was made in Detroit.

He was sorry to spoil their song.

Half buried in mud,

it would not budge

much to their dismay;

So it still lies there

for them to enjoy

in the light of each passing day.

If you should stop by

so well-dressed

in your jaguar so very sleek,

and you walk the land,

you will be impressed

by their third car in the creek.