Dear Editor

by David Clark Brand
College of Wooster
Class of 1963

Dear Editor, I humbly plead
on Carroll’s prayer my comments read.
Oh, yes, I ask but one more thing–
that you allow that I may bring
my comments with poetic ring.

At Wooster things are now complete;
religion has a worldly beat.
Though Ephraim Quinby sadly grieves,
our Savior died between two thieves.

A narrow line there does exist
and Carroll’s prayer and preaching kissed.
Carroll Meyer does not intend
that gospel language should offend.
He couched his case in words sublime
and went where others dare not climb
to fix the universal claim
of gospel truth in Jesus’ name.

Of mysteries so very deep
Doc Carroll plumbs while others sleep--
the omnipresence of our God,
to him so dear while others nod.
God’s sovereignty he states so well,
and God was there when Adam fell.
He stormed the gates of death and hell
on our behalf so we can tell
the good news of the Chosen King
with carols loud of grace we sing.
Throughout the universe it sounds–
off campus, yes, and on the grounds.

Our self-help schemes will never do
if to our message we are true.
‘Tis all of grace that we are brought;
our human works are all for nought.
For His dear face we did not seek,
though of religion we might speak.
He stooped to us through Isaac’s seed.
‘Twas for our sins that He did bleed,
on our behalf redemption wrought
while selfish ends were what we sought.

Courageous–our dear friend, the Doc!
He put his head upon the block
to speak of Jesus and “covenant force,”
“redemption” too without remorse,
as though the Son so very dear
brought God’s forgiveness very near–
a thing Mohammed would not hear.

In Christ humanity declared,
beloved family now repaired
by grace, a cross, an empty tomb;
He met them in an upper room,
 though they were unbelieving still
(There’s hope for us upon the hill!),
in that condition fixed until
His hands, his feet, his side did show
the source from which His blood did flow–
the Mighty Rock of Ages He.
And what He did was all for me!
Forgive me if that selfish sounds
to those upon the campus grounds.
My need for Him I now confess
and praise His awesome holiness.
To skirt this point would all be vanity,
though we all live for all humanity.
The One for us the candle lit
deserves the glory–it is fit.

Of charlatans no longer speak
their names while wayward paths they seek.
God will all the records keep,
and He will separate the goats from sheep.
While democracy in religion flowers,
‘Tis God’s election reigns, not ours.
One final thought-‘Twon’t be a sequel--
all religions are not equal.