The Oyster’s Duty

by David C. Brand

                                                                                 The oyster got an irritant

                                                                                    within its fleshly part.

                                                                                 Indeed if it were human,

                                                                                    it would have a broken heart.

                                                                                 Instead it takes that grain of sand

                                                                                   and forms a thing of beauty.

                                                                                 It doesn’t boast about its feat

                                                                                    but only does its duty.


                                                                                 And you have also suffered wrong

                                                                                    and have a broken heart.

                                                                                 Take heart if you must suffer long–

                                                                                    the “why” you know in part.

                                                                                 Stand fast and you will soon behold

                                                                                     a pearl of richest beauty.

                                                                                 The gates of heav’n are formed of them–

                                                                                    the saints must do their duty.