Santa in the Firehouse:

To Rumson with Love

                                                I had to kinda stop and pause

                                                   in thought while passing through.

                                                Your Sunday guest was Santa Claus

                                                   From eleven to two.

                                                Had Nicholas himself been here,

                                                   he would have had a voice

                                                to spend his Sunday morning

                                                   in worship as his choice.


                                                The Santa myth is not enough

                                                   to entertain the youth.

                                                Poor Nicholas has now become

                                                   an enemy of Truth.


                                                Though well intended for the youth–

                                                   this having lunch with Mr. Claus,

                                                alluring children from the Truth

                                                   puts Nick at odds with his own Cause.

                                                I pray you’ll read your history

                                                   about this man of giving.

                                                You’ll find his motivation

                                                   in the God of all the living.

                                                The Son for whom Nicholas bid

                                                   little children did receive.

                                                O won’t you do what Nicholas did

                                                   And help them to believe.

                                                I hesitate to write this note

                                                   for fear I might offend,

                                                but my brother’s reputation

                                                   I surely must defend.

                                                Sports have their place in youthful search,

                                                   and so does competition,

                                                and games, like Nick, compete with church

                                                   and youth go to perdition.


                                                How vain, you say, to make such fuss

                                                   when such a small minority!

                                                But I declare that Nicolas

                                                   made worship a priority.

                                                Now I’m not one to make a fuss

                                                   I do not like a fight.

                                                But when I shared this with a youth

                                                   she said I ought to write.


                                                So if this little poem of truth

                                                   makes you decide to mind it,

                                                it is a tribute to that youth

                                                   who with me stands behind it.

-David C. Brand-

December 1984