The Stuff of Their DNA

by David C. Brand

Like vultures they gathered around his desk

demanding their GPA

be raised in light of the unfair test--

not graded, but certain they say,

to ruin their record before it starts.

How dare him-that man in the gray!


No matter that after they'd taken the test,

he'd taken their thoughts away

from the pain of disgrace--

he tried to replace

it with lessons of DNA,

'cause the stuff of the test

in their thoughts was the best.

How dare him-the man in the gray!

If they only knew how close they had come

to the stuff of the matter so pressing,

of babies left dying,

strong consciences crying,

of Roe versus Wade-how distressing

"Aristotle," he said,

(though long since been dead,

and carcass to vultures now fed)

"had provided a clue"

(if they only knew)

"more important than GPA."

Of matter and form he expounded to them,

and even how babies are made,

but it slid right by

and did not turn an eye

to the stuff of their DNA.

"We want a retest!"

Was their only request,

and the man in the gray stood there guessing

how students so focused on GPA

could miss such a wonderful blessing,

how students so focused on GPA

could miss it so badly when they

missed the point of their being

in class that day-

the stuff of their DNA!

On Monday they gathered again at the site

defending their GPA issue:

"If you don't give us credit

for issues of debit,

this college is going to miss you!"

That Monday, when gathered again at the site,

to protest their own non-existence,

their GPA issue now in his hands,

they need instructor's assistance.

But of issues at hand

of form and of matter,

they questioned the norm

and clung to the latter.

"But matter without form"

Aristotle had said,

"left one in the morn

as nothing but dead."

The instructor would gladly

consider their plight.

The issue at hand

he'd pondered all night.

When students major in GPA

and clamor for special assistance,

while ignoring the lessons of DNA,

they plot their own non-existence!