A White Man's Prayer

by David C. Brand


Lord Jesus Christ, may I be born anew

That I of Aryan race may now become a Jew.

That I in Thee myself may ever find

And by Thy grace to others I be kind.

And to Thyself the others may be drawn

And not to beauty, brain, or brawn.

For all that's seen is not what seems to be

But is mere froth, mere triviality.


And if by grace I go to yonder shore,

May I like them in Thee become the more.

For from the Father's throne you came to me,

and hung upon that ignominious tree,

eschewing power and liberty,

then rose again on day that numbered three.

O Light of Light, search out my wretched soul.

Subdue my heart to Thy divine control

Till all that's found in me be naught

But what in me Thyself hath wrought

For flesh and blood Thy Kingdom shall not seize

And I in flesh cannot the Father please.


For just like me Thou didst become instead

and in Thy weakness raised me from the dead.

The Spirit knows the Father's will to do

and everything that's kind, and just, and true.

So by His grace I will the Father please

And now, O Christ, from me this burden ease.


I now await the day of Thy return

for which my heart in all my days doth yearn.

And when you come will you on earth find faith?

And men at work to do what'er Thou saith?

I pray Thee, Father, make Thy church be strong

that men of all race will to Thee belong,

that brotherhood and sisterhood prevail

And nevermore His flesh receive the nail.


Yes, East absorbs religion when it comes along,

while we so nobly sing our sacred song.

But West absorbs the old philosophy

that sent old Alexander on conquering spree.

He only wept when no more victory

across the Ganges River could he see.

And we absorb old Plato's state and cry

because our infants all begin to die.

Deformity does not match Plato's art.

We have a state without a human heart.

And also Roman military might,

Like Machiavelli, we insist its right.

Development of weapons with their speed

now come from former neighbors in their need

whose plight we overlooked to feed our greed.

It does not stop no matter how we plead.

O God have mercy on us all

when on that sacred name we humbly call.

Mere pygmies, though we often stood so tall

while pundits told us we could have it all.

And now we wonder how we had the gall.

Now East meets West and West meets East,

And now behold the fearful beast

who spreads through all the world his clever lies

and blasphemes our dear Savior to the skies.

But he will lose but not our power or might

can make him tremble any more at night.

He thinks at last he has our final number

And seeks to do us in our state of slumber.

O rise against him, men of faithful heart

And do not fear the devil's fiery dart.

His doom is sure--of that we cannot doubt.

Advance in faith and shout the festal shout.

But do not think to quell him with thy might

For we are in a different sort of fight.

The weapons we must bear are not of man,

not steel, not even nuclear tan.

The sword we bear will win the victory.

The Word of God will finally set us free.

The Savior comes with captives in His train.

His work upon the cross was not in vain.

Become His captive and you will be free-

and find the way to final victory.

And Thou, O Savior, to Thy Name we sing

And pray that to Thee we might others bring

that they their homage to the King

might pour like water from a spring.

That they when life on earth is done

might live forever with the Son.

And from that vantage point on high

where love is stretched from sky to sky

unfolds the final mystery

when Christ shall reign from sea to sea.

At last from death I shall be free

And have His image formed in me.

Such festal joy where men will shout

and all will know what it is about

when all the wicked are cast out

and saints will reign without a doubt.

If to be saved, you're asking how,

Cast off thy skepticism now

and put away thy sacred cow.

The King has come-before Him bow.

You must come when the King doth call.

It's all for now or not at all.

Tomorrow may simply be too late.

So why do you procrastinate.

The Savior's knocking at your door

as He has knocked and knocked before.

Soon time will come when time's no more.